Thrum for Events

The only tool you need

Enhance your event by providing your attendees a mobile application.

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Create your own app

Easy to use

No development needed for your own event app. Re-use your existing data to feed the Thrum app and create an unique environment for your event.

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Your mobile event guide

No more paper booklets

Save on printing costs, be able to make live last-minute changes and give your visitors an event guide they can use and participate in.

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What Does It Do?

Giving your attendees the best experience is key to the success of any event. Providing them with the right tool to enhance that experience will make you stand out in the crowd. Whatever the event, Thrum will ensure your attendees have all the information they need via a mobile application so that they can experience all there is at your event.

Keep Informed

Keep your attendees informed about everything happening at your event through a mobile application.


An interactive map on the app will allow your attendees to find what they are looking for quickly and easyly. GPS enabling the map will help them navigate your event via the app.


No need for paper handouts that need to be confirmed weeks ahead. With Thrum, you can easily change the schedule or switch events. The changes you make will be published immediately.


Let your attendees provide reviews. Who has the best food, which is their favourite act, what did they miss,...

Thrum, the only event app you'll ever need.

A screen by screen overview of the functionalities.

project 1

Welcome to Thrum

ScreenLogin Screen
FunctionLogin / Sign up

Sign up and log in with your email od social media profiles.

project 1

What is happening?

ScreenLanding Page
FunctionList of all the events

An overview of all the events, ordered by distance from your location.

project 1

What is there to see or do?

ScreenEvent Schedule
FunctionDetails about a seperate event

Comprehensive schedule of all the acts during an event with the possibility to add it to your personal in-app schedule.

project 1

Where to go to?

ScreenEvent Map
FunctionMap of the event location

Event map with different overlays for amenities, stages, food courts, etc.

project 1

Where to buy?

Screen3rd Party List
FunctionList of 3rd parties at the event

All the 3rd parties in 1 comprehensive list. Pages can be food vendors drink stalls, souvenir vendors, sponsors, etc.

project 1

What to buy?

Screen3rd Party Page
FunctionIndividual page of a 3rd party

Each 3rd party has it's own page with a list of all the goods or services provided by them.

  • project 1

    Login Screen

  • project 2

    Landing Page

  • project 3

    Event Schedule

  • project 4

    Event Map

  • project 5

    Food Vendors

  • project 6

    Vendor Menu


Make your event bigger, better and more popular through the gained feedback..

Boost Attendance

Boost attendance through enhanced digital coverage and enabling real-time interaction via social media.

Social Media

Get a live feed of all the social media activity related to your event in one spot. Promote the social element through our digital platform by tight integration with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Event Analytics

Get all the analytics about how people are interacting with your mobile content.

Real Time Surveys

Publish a survey to gain insight into what your attendees think about certain aspects of your event. Customize surveys to suit your changing event needs.

Elegance is not the abundance of simplicity. It is the absence of complexity.

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